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Dedicated server management is more than just “management”. Management to

us, is ensuring our clients their applications will have maximum availability,

security and performance. Here are some things we do:

Server Setup and Config

Proactive and Reactive Management

Security Setup and Monitoring

Performance Focus and Reporting

Grey Level Support


quote-left There is a deep separation between applications and their dedicated hosting environment. Sometimes issues will arise that will fall into gaps or “grey areas” that are not part of the management duties of neither app developers or sys admins. Issues arise, take time to get solved, which can ultimately result in poor performance and a splitting headache… Unless of course, they are managed by us. quote-right

Our Services



All of our setup is custom tailored. Do you often have issues with your site or app getting hacked? We will set it up so that any routes of hacking are blocked before it even reaches your app. Do you have performance issues with your site when it gets a surge of traffic? We’ll create caching solutions for you to serve the immediate needs as well as quick deployment of new hardware if necessary. Whatever it is that you need, tell us, and we’ll find a solution for you.

  • Free migration of sites to new server. Restrictions apply
  • Installation of all necessary software.
  • Server hardening and security audit after installation
  • Performance checking and enhancements to fit the application’s needs.
  • PCI Compliance testing if requested.

Proactive Management

Our team focuses on not only keeping your site running, but running fast and secure. Don't worry about security issues like Heartbleed. We proactively monitor and react to the changing needs of your site, before you even ask. We will monitor:

  • Server uptime: network and power
  • Website uptime: check that your site displays what it should, not an error!
  • Error rates from your application
  • Fully managed network infrastructure
  • Fully managed hardware
  • Technicians on site 24x7x365
  • System level health monitoring and graphing
  • Application level health monitoring and graphing
  • System updates and patches
  • Proactive response to events and threats

Reactive Management

Hacked? Hardware failure? Is your website not running? We’re here 24/7 to provide you with the support you need to recover from these situations. Since every client is unique, reactive management for their hosting environment needs to be unique. Plan for the worst, expect the best. We also provide on demand testing and scanning of various areas such as:

  • Virus & malware scans
  • Server and code security audits
  • Optimization reports
  • Hacking recovery
  • Hardware failure
  • Network issues
  • Server optimization
  • Application optimization audit


We take security seriously. Downtime due to a security breach, can seriously jeopardize the server, applications, and the clients image. That’s why we will:

  • Setup security policies and plans
  • Create lines of defense using both physical hardware and software
  • Create periodic backups for all your data!
  • Review your code and data, upon request, to check for any insecurity
  • Harden your server
  • Actively look for problems in the server
  • Apply patches for vulnerabilities on the day it comes out
  • And more!


We’ll constantly monitor how your server is running. Check if it’s running into any bottlenecks. Check if your application can be improved in some areas. See if a third party source is causing the slowdown of your app. We will always be available to optimize the server for your applications. And we will periodically report to you how well your application has been running.

  • Custom deployments to fit your needs in the best way possible
  • Apdex scores to evaluate consistency and speed of your app
  • Performance tuning also saves money to minimize the hardware necessary
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Don’t panic! We will work with you in creating a plan ahead of time in the event that a disaster occurs and react. Everyone has different needs and wants. Tell us what is important to you so we can plan according to what you want. We will also provide you with additional resources to recover from any disaster.

  • Redundant systems can replace the downed site in seconds
  • We'll work with you in finding out what went wrong and how to prevent it
  • Able to restore from multiples of backups

+ Grey Level


Wait, what is Grey Level Support?

Grey Level Support

Most Dedicated Server Management firms have limitations on being proactive and reactive when it comes to management. Some issues that arise are very black and white. It is either covered or it’s not. However, quite frequently, most issues that arise fall into the grey areas. These range of issues will eventually get resolved, but not without loss of application performance, money, and time. To resolve these issues, we created Grey Level Support.


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